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Mary Ellen's Best Press starch , 177ml. 

Mary Ellen's Best Press, introduces a clear crisp starch with a lovely scent that makes ironing more enjoyable. It's in a non-aerosol bottle, so it's environmentally-friendly and you can see how much is left, too. There's no flaking, clogging, or white residue on dark fabrics. A special stain shield protects fabrics, and the product helps resist wrinkles. Best of all, it's more effective than any starch you have ever used. Make sure your iron is clean before using Best Press Spray Starch. Keep out of reach of children, do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes


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Gluemarker refill Gluemarker refill
3.50 €
Roxanne Glue Baste it Roxanne Glue Baste it
8.90 € Notify on availability
Hexagon 1 " Hexagon 1 "
6.70 €
Hexagon 5/8 " Hexagon 5/8 "
6.70 €
Iron clean Iron clean
7.90 €
Quick Curve  ruler  7*12" Quick Curve ruler 7*12"
30.90 €
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